Monday, June 13, 2011

A Christian Summer

Schools out, schools out
Teachers let the monkeys out
One went east, one went west,
One went..............  well I let you finish the rest of the chant.  :)

Summer time is upon us and in full swing . . . summer movies, swimming, vacations, and


Our 2 kiddos attend at least one Vacation Bible School.  Usually more but AT LEAST one.

And for our family, Vacation Bible School means games, new friends, food, and most importantly God.

I must admit . . . . it is FRUGAL.  Little to no cost other than gas. 

However, I look forward to VBS for the kids because they enjoy going to learn about God.  They come home singing new songs about God, and they learn new things that they didn't know about God.

My oldest daughter memorized loads of scripture at VBS last week.

Tomorrow, our church, starts a 3 day Backyard Bible Club at a park near the church.  This will take the place of a "traditional" vacation bible school.

That means 3 days of new facts, new fun and new friends centered around learning about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is sad to think that during the summer so many families miss church due to "summer time fun". We all know the drill for so many "christians". . .

Going places . . . besides church,

Taking vacations . . . missing church,

Enjoying life . . . without Christ

I can continue but I hope you get my point.

I am not frowning on vacations and fun but remember to put Christ at the center of all that you do, summer vacation included.

I pray that your family is blessing your children with a Christ filled summer wherever you go and whatever you do.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Time Fun!

Okay, so one day, some day, I'll actually start blogging regularly.  So if anyone anywhere actually reads what I have to say, they can do so more frequently.  :)

My last post gave you my basic thoughts for summer time.

Planning has NOT went so hot so far. 

Weather ..... hot.

Planning..... not so much.

Anyway, we have managed to run errands and stick close to home.   For most of the first week of summer I have felt horrible.  Achy and a sore throat. 

We have went to the library where the kiddos received a card for a free burger or chicken nuggets at McDonalds and my kids have enjoyed Vacation Bible School at a local church. 

Yesterday we did get to take in a summer show at the local movie theater.  $1 gets you in the door for a "kiddie" film that is already on DVD and $1.50 for a kid coke and $1.50 for a kid popcorn.

So, $4.00 per person and we can have a fun time for a couple of hours.

It turned out pretty fun.  And the kids did not argue once.  Not one single time I tell you.  Other than a couple of trips to the bathroom it was a calm experience.

Today we went to McDonald's for lunch (free chicken nuggets and burgers for the kids) and playtime. 

So far, we have had a great, frugal week.

Have you done anything super great for summer that was frugal fun?