Saturday, March 5, 2011

Excellent Shopping Day

I have to share the status of my shopping day. I ended up going to four stores today, CVS, Walgreen, Wal-Mart and Kroger. Grand total spent was 100.24 and I saved $90.80. Yay!!! It was a pretty good trip, considering I need to buy several items that I didn't have coupons for.

The above picture is from Kroger. There are several missing items from the pictures including 2 more boxes of cereal, 6 pack of 20oz Coca-Cola, Organic Salad Dressing, Sparkling Water, Tortilla Chips, and 2 Annie Noodle Bowls.
At Kroger, I spent $78.45 and saved $61.32. Not too bad considering I bought several items that I didn't have coupons for.

Pictured above is the trip to Wal-Mart. I racked up on FREEBIES!!! My actual out of pocket only ended up to be $13.23. I saved .................. $15.75. That is the shopping trips I like. :)

Walgreens was a pretty boring trip this week. They were out of several items I wanted, but I did score the above deals for $7.30, with $2.00 in Register Rewards for a future trip. Total savings was $11.48. With RR, everything averaged out to be less that $1 an item.

CVS was a major disappointment this week for me. They were out of EVERYTHING that I was looking for. I ended up only getting 2 Dawn for $1.26. Kind of boring, I know. But since I was already there I decided to get what they did have.
Overall, not too shabby of a week. Hope everyone had a good week.

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