Thursday, August 4, 2011

Changes Around Here!

I've been praying lately for direction. Alot of direction.

Everything in my life has been so chaotic that I have trouble with keeping track of everything.

You know the drill . . . appointments, errands, housework, family, kids, etc. The list goes on and on.

So I have been taking a sabbatical of sorts to calm myself down.  A timeout of sorts.

Our family will start a new school year on August 22nd, and as of now, I am so NOT prepared.  Call it ADD, OCD or any other combination of letters that seem to describe me lately, but I AM NOT on track!

This train has derailed so to speak.  Choo choo.......................

So, why am I rambling?  Well, I love blogs.  I love to read what other moms are doing that works in their homes, what doesn't work (so I feel a little more normal), and everything in between that moms want to share.

When  I first decided to blog, I wanted to focus on living frugally, but I find myself wanting to do add stuff besides just frugal tips.  So without further ado, I unveil a different perspective and name to my blog  . . . Quickly a Homemaker.

Now this has not been an easy thought process.  I decided to use a bit of a play on our family name (our last name is Quick), the decision for me to stay home (decided one night, resigned from my job the next day), and how life appears for my family (time flies). 

I plan on continuing to focus as much frugal "stuff" as I can; however, I am going to add homemaking "stuff", mom "stuff", homeschool "stuff" and quite honestly, anything else that I find helpful.

So, if you see awkward ramblings on this blog  please ignore or either use it if there is anything of value.

I am not deleting anything nor am I not going to post because "it doesn't fit" my main "topic". 

I am going to try to maintain some sort of composure to my posts, but at the same time, I  need to allow myself some more freedom.

The only thing that is not going to change around here is my focus on doing it all for Christ.

Serving Him at the speed of life,

Kristie Quick

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