Friday, August 19, 2011

Our 2011-2012 Workboxes

After much research, thought and planning, I have completed our workboxes. 

I don't have the space to implement the traditional workbox method by Sue Patrick.  However, I have come up with a system that I believe will work great for our family. 

Here's the plan . . . .

I have a grid for each of my daughters.  It has 16 blocks. All of the blocks may not be used everyday.

Names have been covered to protect the innocent. ;)

I only have 6 shoe boxes for each girl.  They will also have a folder with multiple pockets for some subjects. 

Note the frogs are for Flossy, my youngest, and the lady bugs are for Princess, the oldest.

We also have science, history, bible reading and read alouds that will be done as a family.  Most of these items will be planned for early morning.    The boxes have velcro for the numbers and one will end up being put on for a "Work with Mom" tab.  (I ended up running out of velcro; that is the only thing needed to be finished.) 

As a task is completed each day, they will remove the number or activity card from their assignment grid so that they know how close they are to being done for the day.

I also found the wonderful pouches pictured above at the Dollar Tree with 3 in a pack that holds each girls' assignment grid and tags.  I also have one that hold miscellaneous tags that I have. 

I figured that because several subjects were completed as a family I could just put a subject tag on their grid to know come see mom when they get there.  We'll see how it works out.

Homeschooling at the speed of life,


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