Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Not-So-Much Classroom

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I love homeschooling my daughters.  I love the interaction I get to have with them daily.  I love not having to ask how their school day was.  I love picking new curriculum each year.  I love not having a classroom.

Huh?!?  Did I really just type that?

Our family has not been blessed with the opportunity to have a single room in our house that it is totally dedicated to our homeschool classroom.  We have stuff here, there and everywhere.

We have a section of the family room for homeschool stuff. 

We have a section of our dining room with supplies for the girls and a place where their workboxes will be upon completion.  (Stay Tuned:  That will be another post in the near future.)

(Please do not judge the mess.  I'm trying to figure it all out. )

In our dining room, we also have our whiteboard and bulletin board and I will have another bookshelf as soon as my sweet husband gets one picked up from his brother's house and I do a little rearranging. 

Studies are completed on the living room couch,

at the kitchen table  (with the cat),

in the car, on the bed and everywhere in between that serves the purpose.

So do you have a room devoted as a classroom or is your whole house your classroom?  How do you organize for school?

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  1. we are like you= a few devoted spaces like bookshelves but the house is our classroom. i se you have a student like ours- the cat! lol macy has been known to lie across a sheet of work and never move again lol!

  2. We learn everywhere too.

  3. While we have a 'room' now, we didn't always have one...and now that we do...we don't always learn in there! Take your time...and know that we all change things up a bit....I want to change a few things again...just not sure where to start right now!