Thursday, August 11, 2011

School Supply Cabinet Makeover

I decided to link up this post with one of my favorite blogs, Delightful Order.  I LOVE that blog.  I find myself drooling at some of her ideas. 

Being a homeschool family we have alot of school supplies. 

Considering that we are starting school back August 22nd and the fact that I have been in re-organization and cleaning mode lately, I decided to tackle the mess inside our school supply cabinet.

Here is our re-purposed computer cabinet from the outside.

We had this cabinet and I needed some place to store the large amount of school supplies that we have.   Unfortunately, with two little girls entering the cabinet and with me being so busy our cabinet ended up like this. 

So, last night I worked on cleaning it out.  I emptied every shelf of that thing.  I threw stuff away that was not going to be used.  I put stuff in other places that did not belong there and I ended up with this........

and this.....

I think it looks great.  I hope to eventually get it even more organized.  I want everything labeled.  For now though, I know exactly where everything is.

Do you have any ideas for how I can organize it further?  I am always up for ideas.

Serving Him at the speed of life,



  1. Oh you are such a blessing! I am in a bit of a panic as we moved in with my parents and while we have a schoolroom supply storage is not what I am used to and I just can't wrap my mind around it and how it should look. You have addressed that exact issue here! I am using a computer desk very similar to yours and your pics have given me a goal to aim for, Thank You so much!!!!

  2. Mrs. Mandy, You are so welcome. I'm glad I could be of service. Keep checking back with me. I have a few things in mind that I want to do to get it even beter. Soon hopefully I can make some more improvements. Have a blessed school year.