Friday, August 26, 2011

Homeschool Week in Review ~ Aug 22-26, 2011

The first week of homeschool has been awesome!  WE have had very few meltdowns. ;)

I am going start this post back to last Friday when I did a Back to Homeschool party with the girls.  The party came complete with decorations, place cards and party foods.  Here are some pics of the festivities.....

Now our homeschool week......

This year has been a year full of changes for our homeschool.  This is our first year with My Father's World and our first year with workboxes.  This is also our first year teaching two completely.

Last year, my youngest was in Kindergarten and that was not very hard to do.  Being in first grade this year, there were more subjects and work to add to the mix. 

I decided to do My Father's World Creation to the Greeks this year.  The curriculum recommends beginning with Exploring Countries and Cultures, but we had already completed a year of a geography based study.  I felt it would be over doing it to repeat. 

The workbox system has been a great addition to our homeschool.  You can see our workbox set up here

Our week started off with a bang.  The girls woke up early Monday ready to get started on their first day. 

Flossy - 1st Grade

Princess - 5th Grade

We have really enjoyed going through creation again.  We had previously talked about the days of creation; however, by focusing on 1-2 days at a time, the girls were able to get a better grasp.  Also, everyday we have reviewed everything, so it has really stuck this time. 

In MFW science, we have been talking about light.  They particularly enjoyed an experiment that we did involving an "optical" illusion, which taught about how light enters the eye.

I added Apologia's Exploring Creation through Anatomy and Physiology, even though My Father's World includes science, because our family loves the Exploring Creation Series.  So far, we have loved this book.  We have been studying ancient medicine and discoveries in medical science.  We did a small experiment involving using a drop of water as a magnifying glass.  We did that for probably 10 minutes because it was "cool" to the girls. :)

That is pretty much the highlights.  We had alot of other routine subjects but nothing really note worthy.  All in all it was a great week in our Father's world!

How was your week?

Homeschooling at the speed of life ~



  1. I also have a 1st grade little girl and look forward to seeing what you do with your little one this year :o)

  2. Yah! for a great week. We had a pretty good first week as well.

  3. Oh, what a GREAT start to the new homeschool year for you and the girls! Stopping in from Kris's Weekly Wrap-up!